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Terms & Conditions

1. Should the vehicle be taken on a longer journey than contracted for, an additional charge will be payable.
2. The right is reserved by the proprietors to subcontract a vehicle from another coach operator.
3. The company is not responsible or liable for any loss of property, luggage or personal effects. These are carried on our vehicles at the risk of their owner.
4. Any damage caused to the vehicle by any member of the party travelling on the vehicle shall be the responsibility of the hirer.
5. All parking fees are the responsibility of the hirer. Payment can be made before the date of engagement.
6. The most direct route will be taken by the driver unless prior arrangements have been made.
7. Quotations are based with respect to departure times, destination, pick-up points etc. Any alteration to the details will require a new quotation.
8. The hirer must abide by the legislation concerning regulations on drivers' hours. Failure to comply with these provisions renders the company and driver liable for heavy fines. Drivers are instructed to leave all destinations at the times stated.
9. No alcohol is permitted on our coaches.
10. All monies are to be paid before or on the agreed date.
11. Cancellation of a booking renders the hirer liable to pay the total hire fee.

Please note:
• We will do all in our power to have the coach(es) at the place and time stated on the day of engagement. However, we cannot guarantee or accept liability for non-appearance of coaches through unforeseen circumstances such as strikes, mechanical breakdowns, fires etc.
• All parties are requested to note the above conditions as we only contract in accordance with these terms.